MILLION KIDS brings the fury of the Los Angeles streets to the ears of the masses. Smashing grime influenced garage rock with Stooges style punch, crafting songs from living the Los Angeles hustle, and in fact dedicating many songs directly to Los Angeles. This is their second Full Length effort that was recorded just before founding member Kim Masters moved on to other projects. They are still playing a rare show here and there with new bass player Joe Dean (Sassafras, Crawlspace, Magic Bullet Theory)

Blasting into their third official release, L.A. IS GONNA MAKE YOU BREATHE EP, BC Caldwell and Kim Masters, with new recruit Matt Irwin on drums, are bringing their street garage post-punk sonics to the masses. “This Ep is dedicated to Los Angeles”, says BC, “LA is where our music started, and where we found a home”. The Las Vegas native who moved to the beach lined city in the 90’s and met up with the beautiful bassist Kim, and started creating demos that almost immediately got airplay on the demo-listen show @ KXLU 88.9 fm, under the moniker FRED WISE. BC then played in numerous side projects before finally creating MILLION KIDS with kim. The current lineup has been together since October 2008.

In 2008, they made the top ten @ KXLU 88.9 fm Los Angeles with their song “Turn It On”, and picked up an endorsement from Knucklehead Strings and received radio play in Greece, on one of their national radio channels. They have been lucky enough to share the stage with SCREAM,  Youth Brigade, Mike Watt & the Secondmen, Legal Weapon, The Gears, Sylvia Juncosa, The Faint, Lou Barlow, The Warlocks, Ted Leo Pharmacists, Chokebore, Devics, Camera Obscura, Black Pine, Broadway Calls, Rosemary’s Billygoat, Bourbon Saints, Rolling Blackouts, Woolly Bandits, Inazuma, Thee Spectors, Ninja Academy, Drive A, The Health Club, Soccermom, Crash Moderns, Studiofix, Whirling Dervish, D-Strutters, Murderland, Ex-Paladin, SoccerMom, Disguster, It’s Casual, Kamikaze, Brainspoon, The Beeters, Paging Beto, Stab City, Carnage Asada and many other great local bands.


MILLION KIDS is a loud abrasive trio from Redondo Beach whose EP, ARRIVALS DEPARTING FLIGHTS, is as infectiously snotty as swine flu. This disc gets very high marks for brash catchiness. “Starchrusher” and “Quint” have picked up airplay on KXLU and if this outfit fails to break huge, it’s all your fault. Avoid a lifelong guilt trip at” – Ron Garmon , Mean Street Magazine


Million Kids is a Redondo Beach post punk trio with a busy schedule. The band is about to enter the studio to record some new material and has a long series of shows booked in the LA area. Make sure you check them out. The sound of their material ranges from droney and spacey tracks full of a nonchalant attitude a la Sonic Youth (Turn it on) to more classic rock’n’roll and punk episodes. Recommended to those who need a daily dose of noisy guitars” – The Deli Magazine / LA


“A well integrated trio, nice vibrant sound and pleasing to the eye in that basic hard rock way. Strong points, BC Caldwell, good guitar technique (well placed effects through out), nice clear lyrics (as heard on their EP), nice improv jazzy drums from Matt Irwin along with Kim Masters who handles a bass twice her size and stabilizes all that goes on. The group blends well on stage especially that sultry bass. They will spend the month in studio finishing a full CD. I suggest a good time to be had by all. What some people won’t do.” –  Steve Estrada, The Boulevard Sentinel